Ashley, Hog-Tied in the Rain

It was a cold, dreary and rainy day. A good day to curl up in front of the fire and read a book, or watch a movie…or in Ashley Lane’s case…get brutally hog-tied out in the rain. Poor Ashley! She’s lashed up and left on the wet deck. Then I cinch her up into a strict hog-tie. She’s also wearing a sizable red butt-plug just to keep her mind off her misery. I distract her further by flicking her all over with a nasty little whip. I use the toe of my boot to turn her over to give her tits some attention. Her arms are turning purple form the cold and the rope and she looks really miserable. I reach between her legs and find…a very wet pussy. Hmm, misery turns her on I guess. So I make her miserable for a while..and as she squirms…she ejects her butt-plug…I flop her around like a fish on the deck and eventually place her face on my boots…her it belongs. Happy girl.

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