BondageLiberation – Elise Graves, Vespa – Relentless Reflective Orgasms

What a wonderful surprise! Elise was not aware of Vespa’s playfulness! Of course, everyone is aware of Vespa’s beautiful rubber-clad body, but she is also a super fun playmate for Elise! Rubber-clad Elise is placed into a tight rubber straitjacket and locked into medical restraints onto a metal frame chair. Then Vespa feeds her a strawberry, places a gas mask over her face and begins to control every last ounce of her. Vespa adds to Elise’s gas mask a hose and rebreather bag, making Elise work more for what typically comes natural. Next we witness to Vespa’s inner sexual sadist come alive! Vespa is relentless in forcing orgasm after orgasm from Elise! Watch her natural empathy for Elise’s sexual arousal be painted across her own face – lighting up in a sexy, smiling glow! Elise struggles to maintain herself, as she is constantly orgasming and therefore constantly holding her own breath. This is one seriously sexy video if you are partial to rubber women playing together with natural chemistry. Thank you Reflective Desires for a wonderful visit!

2.27 GB | 1920 x 1080 | mp4 | 00:32:27