DeviceBondage – Katie Kush – Locked And Loaded: Katie Kush (07.24.23)

Katie is a tendency to be a bit of a brat when she can, but today Katie shows off her submissive side. The brat is still there, but The Pope dominates her in a way that keeps the brat in check. Katie begins bent over a steel pipe with her ankles and wrists restrained with leather cuffs that are shackled to the steel structure. Upon entry, The Pope adds a leather belt to keep her in place as he goes to work on his little toy for the day. Spankings and flogging turn Katie’s ass a bright red to get her warmed up and ready for what is coming in the next scenes. Before she is released, her cunt is stuffed with a dildo and fucked while a vibe is pressed against her clit to ensure screaming orgasms.
Next, Katie is strapped down to a bench with leather belts, and fully stretched out. She is helpless and vulnerable and The Pope takes full advantage of the situation. First, he tugs on her sensitive nipples, then plucks her pubic hair out one by one. The flogger helps get her flesh sensitive before he uses some electricity to over-stimulate her, and then shoves a vibe against her cunt. Orgasms pour out of her uncontrollably, just as he planned it. The cattle prod is used to maintain her submission and increase her suffering.
In the final scene, Katie is folded in half again, but this time right side up so that we can enjoy all of her body and emotions as she suffers one final time at the hands of The Pope. We begin with some fierce finger-banging to get her warmed up for the brutal bastinado that’s coming. She hates it, and that makes him love it more. Katie almost breaks from the foot torment but holds on long enough for her reward of non-stop orgasms as The Pope fucks her pussy and vibes her clit.

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