BrutalMaster – Dirty Chai – Dog House Torture, Ring Those Bells, Cunt (08.16.22)

New Meat in HELL!

In all honesty, we just love writing that, “New Meat in HELL!” It means there is a new bitch who understands that HELL! is where she belongs.

And that is absolutely the case with this new thing, we call her Dirty Chai, but you can call her whatever you wish as long as it is degrading and reflects her true status as meat.

Speaking of that, she was in HELL! literally minutes before she was in the dungeon, naked, suffering, degraded, already used as a urinal. Her cunt was literally sopping wet because she understood her need to suffer.

In this extreme session, the cunt is on the old dog house. Just spread on the top with her cunt being abused by the rough roofing tiles was painful, but that was merely the beginning. Her long, quite shapely legs were kept spread with weighted shackles, the old ball and chain as it were. In short order she was lashed with the dog whip and then attention shifted to her soft, used, whore-tits. The clamps went on and you can see the fear and agony in her eyes. Eventually bells where added and she was required to keep the bells ringing.

Dirty Chai and the Dog House, Ring Those Bells, Cunt.

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